8800 and 8850 Models

Full-view garage doors are designed to complement your home's clean, modern look. They are the perfect enhancement to your home's glass expanses and patios - beautifully fusing indoor and outdoor spaces.

Step 1 Choose a Design

Wayne-Dalton Full-View doors are constructed with a rugged, anodized aluminum frame. That means your door is virtually maintenance-free. Just wash the panels as you would any windows.

Equal panel spacing is another feature of the Wayne-Dalton Models 8800 and 8850 doors. Both models are available in 7' or 8' tall dimensions.

(Model 8850 is also available in an 18' wide, 5 panel design.)

Model 8800 and 8850 7' and 8' Doors

Model 9600 - Colonial
8x7 / 8x8 (2 panel)
Model 9600 - Ranch
9x7 / 9x8 (3 panel)
Model 9600 - Sonoma
16x7 / 16x8 (4 panel)

Please note: Drawings shown for illustrative purposes only of panel spacing, and do not refect actual style and rail dimensions.

Step 2 Choose a window style to complement your home

Choose tempered safety glass, acrylic or solid panels in a wide variety of colors, tints and styles. Most panel styles are also available in both single pane and insulated configurations.

Clear Tempered Glass
Clear Tempered Glass
White Laminated Privacy Glass
White Laminated Privacy Glass
Satin Etched Privacy Glass
Satin Etched Privacy Glass
Green Titnted Glass
Green Titnted Glass
Bronze Tinted Glass
Bronze Tinted Glass
Gray Tinted Glass
Gray Tinted Glass

Step 3 Choose your color

Our Full View doors are available in custom powder-coat RAL colors. Shown here are just four of the most popular, but there are many more to choose from. Consult dealer for details.

Powder Coat: Hunter Green
Hunter Green
Powder Coat: Black
Powder Coat: Bronze
Powder Coat: White
Anodized finishes
Painted finishes
Color swatch: Anodized Clear
Color swatch: Anodized Dark Bronze
Dark Bronze
(8800 only)
Color swatch: Anodized Black
(8800 only)
Color swatch: white
WD White
(8850 only)
Color swatch: Brown
WD Brown
(8850 only)

Please note: Actual colors may vary from images on this web site, or in our product brochures.

Other Special Features

Full-View Exterior

The aluminum panels feature tongue-and-groove joints that provide a great weather barrier. the flexible vinyl bottom seal helps prevent dirt and elements from entering your garage.

Full-View Exterior
Full-View doors have reinforcing fins plus extra-heavy track and brackets to provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation.

The fins are the extruded part of the door section that are not visible through the glass.

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